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Sadid EMC started its activity in early 2011 with the import and purchase and sale of paper, then decided to enter the chemical industry and import all kinds of chemical materials in order to supply the raw materials of production units, mainly in the adhesive and paint industries. Resins, detergents, flooring, as well as materials needed to produce stabilizers and stone industries. From the beginning of its establishment, we intended to export, but in recent years, we felt the need to do more, and as a task, considered export as a basic and necessary help to the country’s economic cycle and put a serious decision to work in this field on our agenda. After having conducted the necessary studies and having examined various aspects, we intended to work as an export management company.
Due to our experts, expertise and existing records, we have chosen the export of chemicals as the first option, and in this regard, we have exported to the Middle East and Central Asia. We also plan to expand our activities and export to other continents.

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