Colored speckles special features:

Colored speckles have special quality features such as the right size of grains, the use of water-insoluble paints with high quality, color variation, and low insoluble percentage. This product opens as soon as it contacts with water and leaves its pigment-containing part. This feature, along with the use of appropriate pigments, makes this product not stain on the fabric. Colored speckles have about 20% insoluble water after opening and do not contain particles larger than 50 microns due to the high quality of the used bentonite.

Types of colored speckles grades:

The production capacity of different grades of this product is possible based on the needs of the consumer. The colored speckles product is being produced in three colors, blue, pink and green, and we have the ability to produce a variety of colors for this product.

Different additives, colored speckles:

Colored speckles with special formulation are one of the additives used in the detergent powder manufacturing industry, which are formulated to provide a reasonable price and acceptable quality with the formula of 80% salt (NaCl) and 20% of high absorbance bentonite. Due to the fact that the use of colored salt crystals in the detergent powder formula have problems such as storing and clumping as soon as contact with moisture, reducing the free flow property of the detergent powder, lack of proper appearance in the powder and worries about corrosion problems in the washing environment, detergent manufacturers usually use this product with more caution. Our research and development experts have been able to solve the expected problems of this product by creating a suitable coating of high absorbance bentonite on the surface of salt grains, and provide the product to its customers with quite special formulation designed and reasonable price. Tests performed in laboratory incubators with a humidity above 70% show that the colored speckles have been able to retain its special properties in humid environments.

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